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            Thank you for your interest in our interpretation services. We at Adulis
            MCS are excited to inform you the release of our new and improved
            interpretation management system that provides efficient services to
            communities with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and organizations
            that have the need for such services. The system we acquired is rede-
            signed based on feedbacks from users for a flexible, integrated, easily
            adaptable and cost effective interpretation service that meets the in-
            creasing demands of the language service industry.

            Since we launched our over-the-phone interpretation system in 2012,
            we have learned a lot from our freelance interpreters, system devel-
            opers and clients. The language service industry has also significantly
            transformed since that time. As our world gets smaller and globaliza-
            tion is taking roots in many parts of the world, the demand for transla-
            tion and interpretation services has increased significantly. According
            to Common Sense Advisory, a leading language service research company based in California, the in-
            terpretation and related technology industry revenues reached $43.08 billion in 2017. The language ser-
            vices and supporting technologies industry is expected to grow by 6.7%, according to the same source.
            According to a CNBC 2017 report, the number of people employed in the translation and interpretation
            industry has doubled in the past seven years. The increased global demand and continued momentum
            in the industry has accelerated innovation in language-service-related technologies and allowed the tech
            industry to unleash their innovations in an unprecedented manner.

            The number of non-English-speaking residents in the Unites States is also steadily climbing up. Accord-
            ing to the Center for Immigration Studies, the number of people who speak a language other than Eng-
            lish at home reached 61.8 million in 2014. In Montgomery County, Maryland, where our company, Adulis
            MCS, is based, we have close to one million non-English-speaking residents. The surrounding areas like
            Washington DC, Alexandria, Virginia, and Prince George’s county also have a sizable number of residents
            who are speakers of languages other than English. In this region the need for language services is appar-
            ent everywhere.

            We at Adulis MCS have been working tirelessly to keep up with the pace of technology advancement
            and the increased demand for language services. We are partnering with numerous technology and
            management companies and language professionals to enhance our language interpretation services.

            As we release our new and improved interpretation system, we are extremely excited to introduce you
            to the various new features. The fully-automated and integrated Interpreters List system, Powerd by
            Boostlingo makes our clients’ and consumers’ interpretation and communication processes easier than
            ever. In this new release, various capabilities come together to help our consumers enhance their produc-
            tivity and efficiency. Some of the new and improved features in our interpretation system include:

            •    The integration of all three interpretation request management systems: Over-the-Phone Inter-
                 pretation (OPI), Video-Remote Interpretation (VRI) and On-site Interpretation system.

             10         The Next Generation Interpretation Management System
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