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system so your staff can speak with our operators.

               Our interpretation system is integrated with our growing interpreter database con-
               sisting of over 1,500 interpreters. IL interpreters can provide interpretation service
               in over 160 languages. All interpreters and languages in our database are assigned
               unique identification numbers, making selections easier and more efficient.

               In addition to the new and improved cloud based interpretation system, IL has a mul-
               tiple-line Panasonic PBX landline telephone system located at our headquarters in
               downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. Our landline telephone system serves as our pri-
               mary back-up line for our new and improved cloud based interpretation system. Our
               landlines have the capacity to handle multiple external and internal phone lines and
               can be utilized simultaneously. It is set up to handle separate business units, depart-

               ments or programs, identifying and routing each call to its intended department, with
               separate on-hold messages. Our PBX landline system can also accept multiple sepa-
               rately pre-recorded messages and with a multilingual automated answering system.
               Similar to our cloud based interpreter system, our landline system has the capability
               to provide detailed reporting on all calls for accounting, reporting, tracking and other
               statistical purposes.

               Both systems are operated and managed by highly qualified information technology
               and communication experts, linguists and other professionals who have been in the
               business of providing information technology services in telecommunication and lan-
               guage-based communications technologies.

               Our cloud based system has the ability to pre-schedule calls for both OPI and VRI.
               The system also has a feature where it allows the ability to chat directly with your

               interpreter using the systems, secure network during a live call. Our system is also
               equipped with robust notification system for all involved parties.

               The new and improved system also has a mileage tracking capability. This system sup-
               ported by Google Map, provides an accurate driving routes and mileage calculation.
               By providing accurate mileage calculations and driving route features, our system
               makes life easier for all interpreters and for organizations that require onsite appoint-

               ments. The system also has the ability to rollover from OPI and from VRI to another
               system. This ensures all calls always reach an interpreter no matter what. If the request
               time for a Video-Remote interpreting session call lasts longer than a configurable
               limit, set the system to roll the call over to another preset system. Using the same
               system, administrators can also create private notes targeting any role in the system
               directly from a scheduled appointment. Another very impressive feature the system

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