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•    Powerful high-definition Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) and Video-Remote Interpretation
                    (VRI) systems that improve on time, service delivery and call quality.

               •    A robust bandwidth-adaptive 1080p 30FPS for extraordinary access to an interpreter at any time.

               •    A simple and easy-to-use quick-dial dashboard.

               •    Online call monitoring, tracking, and reporting capabilities.

               •    Mileage tracking, Geo-Tracking with the help of Geo-Mapping for on-site appointments.
               •    The ability to use the system on all digital devices and office structures.

               •    Fully integrated Android and iOS Apps.

               What makes our system unique from other systems in the market is the flexibility that it offers to our
               clients and interpreters and its ability to use a traditional telephone line as well as the new and next
               generation digital network systems. A robust reporting system that allows our clients to get all the
               information they need also puts us ahead of our competitors. Another feature such as capturing of
               digital signatures on our mobile apps in order to track start- and end-times is also unique to our new
               system. In addition, it only takes 30 seconds to complete a request-for-interpreter form. Once the form
               is completed, the interpreter assignment process begins and in a short period of time, interpreters for
               the task will be confirmed. This is a unique and innovative feature that will save our clients time and
               Another very important and innovative feature included in this release is the system’s ability to alert par-
               ties involved in a language service assignment. Our interpretation system sends notifications through
               SMS, email and push notifications to these parties at various steps of the process. In addition to all
               these technical capabilities, the costs for all our services are amongst the lowest in the region, putting
               us ahead of the competition. We charge a flat fee based on per-minute and per-hour usage for all our
               language interpretation services.

               The best part is that our system is highly flexible and can be customized to perfectly fit our clients
               and interpreters needs. These new and improved features are only the beginning, so expect more. By
               working closely with our industry partners, we will keep upgrading the system to ensure it provides our
               clients and interpreters with the best solutions available in the market.

               In closing, I would like to thank Adulis MCS staff members and management who administer the
               system, our industry partners who developed this robust system, and you, our clients and inter-
               preters who have been giving us important feedback to help improve our services. We look for-
               ward to continuing to serve you.


                                                                                            Dinberu Melakehiwot
                                                                                              Managing Director

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