FAQ for Organizations

Q. How do I post an assignment?

Click on the Post an assignment button at the top right corner and follow the instructions.

Q. Who will know that I have posted an assignment?

The freelance Interpreters will be notified by email and or SMS messages about your assignment.

FAQ For interpreters

Q. How can I get assignments on Interpreters List?

You can get assignments on Interpreters List by accepting and answering interpretation assignment phone calls quickly.

Q. How will I know when Assignments are posted on Interpreters List?

We will notify you by email and SMS about the Assignments that match your language pairs. You have to turn on your app in order to receive over the phone interpretation assignments.

Q. What happens when I accept an assignment?

When you accept an assignment, your message will be sent by email to the agency that has submitted the assignment. You will then need to wait for confirmation. Once you are confirmer, you will receive email and SMS notifications. This information will also be available on your app calendar.

Q. How do I get paid for the assignment?

You will be an independent contractor and you will receive check or direct deposit payments. You will be responsible to pay your own income tax. Interpreters List will only provide you with 1099 at the end of the year.

What details of me is available on Interpreters List web site?

Almost everything you have entered about yourself, your language pairs, your certificates, your education details, your employment references, your tools and your uploaded profile photo will be securely available to users of Interpreters List's web site.

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