Video Remote Interpretations

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is an effective platform that uniquely benefits the deaf community, hearing impaired, and hard to reach geographic populations. The Interpreters List VRI platform will enable to provide easier and faster access to quality communication services especially when clients have an immediate need for sign language interpreters. VRI allows Interpreters List to supply the interpreting demands of our clients especially when qualified on-site sign language interpreters have been inaccessible prior to our intervention.

Though innovative and a viable option for interpreting services, it is essential that the clients realizes that VRI cannot be treated as a comprehensive replacement for on-site interpreting. Interpreters List currently offers video remote interpreting as an on-demand service and/or by appointment in a variety of settings including but not limited to government, medical, education, legal, and mental health. We employ qualified sign language interpreters who have the necessary linguistic competence and experience in their respective work environments/settings and who adhere to professional interpreting standards.

Interpreters List VRI service is otherwise a complete solution whereby our agents provide support in all aspects throughout the VRI process. Interpreters List agents assist with testing and training of the system with your preferred hardware and network equipment while possessing the capability to provide American Sign Languages interpretations and other ethnic sign languages. Interpreters List, furthermore, can provide training to staff members of your agency and numerous additional support services. Interpreters List is easily able to setup system for Video Remote Interpretation services in schools and other locations by simply utilizing a high speed internet connection.

Wireless connections and the positioning of equipment must be properly addressed.

Many medical environments use wireless connectivity in their network that can potentially hinder the functionality/effectiveness of VRI services. The challenges of using wireless connections for VRI in medical settings include such issues as:

  • no connection zone (dead zones) within the facility where reception is not strong enough to deliver the associated video signals and
  • electromagnetic interference with other medical and communication equipment.

Interpreters List VRI software is designed in compliance with HIPAA regulations. The communication between our agents and clients is encrypted to ensure patient privacy. In addition, our interpreters work from secure locations closed to unauthorized personnel. There are no recordings nor do we store the communications that occur between VRI service users and providers.

During instances where a stand-alone VRI unit is utilized, positioning of patients/clients will be evaluated and moveable VRI units may be recommended to significantly improve visibility and communication between parties.

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